Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours

We offer Zodiac Boat Tours on the majestic Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Fjallsárlón is an isolated glacial lagoon in the realm of Vatnajökull. Arriving to the lagoon is like stepping into a dreamlike world that offers spectacular sights. Iceland's tallest volcano, the Öræfajökull glacier, looms above the lagoon and reaches down to the water where icebergs break off into the lake and drift serenely around before melting.

During the tour we will take you on a journey through time and tell you how the local farmers had to struggle with the forces of nature in their daily lives.

We invite you to experience the breathtaking natural scenery as we take you on a guided boat tour along floating icebergs and giant glaciers!


The season for 2015 is over so we are no longer operating. We will be back in May 2016!

Book your tickets in advance of your visit to ensure that your preferred date and time are available.

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Meet the team!

Our guides know the area inside out, both the dramatic changes that have taken place in the landscape over the years as well as the history of the local population. The team consists of two local guys that grew up in the area and one guy from the city who wanted nothing more than breathing the fresh air in the countryside!

The best way to tour a glacial lagoon in Iceland!

Highlight of our trip to Iceland!


Fjallsárlón is located just off of the main road, some 47 kilometers east of Skaftafell and 10 kilometers west of Jökulsárlón. Look for a sign that says "Fjallsárlón Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours".

One of our top travel experiences ever!


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