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By choosing a private tour we can meet your needs for various occasions.

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Book your private tour

Tour description

Are you looking for a private cruise on a glacier lagoon to share with your family or a group of friends? Do you want to celebrate an extra special occasion such as a birthday? If so, then this private boat tour is ideal for you.
After check-in your private guide walks with you to the glacier lagoon, followed by a private cruise exploring captivating icebergs that sometimes flip over, providing a rare spectacle. Don’t miss the chance to sail up to the glacier wall or taste ancient ice on this activity tour.
Your private guide will tailor make the tour according to your interests, making the experience even more extraordinary. Therefore, the tour is also popular among keen photographers, both individuals and small groups of photographers that come to capture the magical moments at Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon.
For further information please contact us:
E-mail: info(at)
Phone: +354 6668006
We look forward to hearing from you!
75-90 minutes
45 minutes in boat
101.000 ISK per boat
April - November
Easy (5-7 min walk to boat)
Boat capacity
Max 10 people per boat
Restaurant on-site
Hot food & snacks


It is out of the world experience. You will be able to see the icebergs from safe, closer distance. Also, the tour guide will give you some details about each iceberg and will take your photos in front of the icebergs.

– Sylvia Teipelke


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Possibly one of the most unique experiences I’ve had travelling, and I’ve travelled a lot.
This zodiac tour through an iceberg lagoon was surreal, and totally worth it.
The staff were friendly, professional and knowledgeable. And the landscape felt like it was out of a movie set.

Book it asap.

– Sam McCool


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Definitely do the boat tour! Cheaper and much better than the comparable offer at Jokulsarlon. Very nice and competent staff / boat driver. Ride between the icebergs up to 200m to the edge of the glacier. Nowhere else in Iceland can you get so close to a glacier from a boat!

– Dr. Gerald Kindermann


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I lead photographers through Iceland, and today was the first time I ever took a group on a Fjallsarlon iceberg boat tour. I will include this experience for all of my future groups!
Our guide was incredibly informative, personable, patient and adept at making sure each and every one of my photographers got amazing views to photograph.


– Mark Morris


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Great experience and much more intimate than the Jokulsarlon tours. One unforgettable experience!

– Peter Bernardus Consalus


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„Had an amazing experience. Very professional and knowledgeable. We went very near the ice wall, saw a recently toppled iceberg, picked up floating pieces and even ate a piece of it 😁. Recommended 💯

– Avik Pramanik


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Boat ride of a lifetime…..must do if in Iceland

– Abhijeet Garud


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Breathtaking nature.
The colors of the icebergs and ice floes are so impressive. It left me speechless. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Unforgettable and incomparable. 😊

– Mohammed Sharique Ansari


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