Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon - service center

Service center in Fjallsarlon Southeast Iceland

The company Fjallsarlon Iceberg Boat Tours was founded in 2013, offering iceberg lagoon boat tours from the back of a trailer. Since then, a lot has changed. In 2017 we opened a new tour reception for boat tours, and at Frost restaurant, we were able to welcome hungry travelers. We can proudly say that our service center next to a glacier lagoon is the best facility any activity company in the area offers. We believe that the overall experience when going on any tour should be good from the moment you park your car and until you leave again.

Frost Restaurant Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon - Free car park

Driving to Fjallsárlón Lagoon – Free Parking

Driving to Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon is easy and the parking lot is accessible by any type of car. Just 600 meters from the ring road no. 1, you find the parking lot next to Fjallsarlon Iceberg boat tours, service center and restaurant. More information here FJALLSARLON PARKING AND LOCATION. At Fjallsarlon parking is free of charge. Few years ago, parking around Iceland was free at most nature reserves and tourist attractions. That has changed in recent years and now parking fees are collected at top sights such as Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon, our neighboring ice lagoon.

Fjallsarlon ice cave

Super jeep day tours – Vatnajökull glacier

If you spend even a short amount of time up on an Icelandic glacier or on the rough roads of the Highlands region, chances are you’ll see a super jeep. But what are these vehicles, why are they so prevalent in Iceland and how can you benefit from one if you’re planning a day tour on Vatnajökull glacier? Let’s find out.

Fjallsarlon Icebergs Glacier Lagoon

What is Fjallsárlón?

Fjallsárlón or Fjallsarlon is a natural glacial lagoon located in Southeast Iceland within Vatnajökull National Park. The lagoon started to form about 70 years ago when Fjallsjökull glacier started to retreat. In earlier times, as the glacier expanded the glacier carved into the landscape pushing hills and land aside making a gap of 100 meters below sea level. Naturally when the glacier started to melt away Fjallsarlon, a magnificent glacier lagoon slowly materialized right in front of the glacier tongue. Fjallsarlon is now the 4th deepest lagoon or lake in Iceland.

Mirror smooth Fjallsarlón glacial lagoon, with floating icebergs and one blue iceberg in distance and Fjallsjökull glacier in background between two mountains.

Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour

In Iceland a glacier lagoon boat tour is an absolute must do experience. Boat tours can be booked in Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and in Fjallsárlón iceberg lagoon. The main reason many people visit Iceland is because a glacier lagoon boat tour is on their bucket list and therefore choose Iceland as their destination.

Glacier lagoons are somewhat like out of a dream or another world. A valid reason to travel to Iceland is to experience something completely new and sailing on a boat next to icebergs will guarantee that wonderful feeling. There are not many places on earth that offer glacier lagoon boat tours in unspoiled nature.

Breidamerkurjökull glacier with snowy mountains in the background.

Everything you need to know about Vatnajökull glacier

Iceland couldn’t have been better named: it is a land where you’ll often see ice, even if you visit in summer. An estimated 11% of the country is covered in the white stuff, so it’s hard to miss, especially if you’re travelling through the south of the country. That’s where you’ll find Vatnajökull glacier, the subject of this article. You’ll get a great view of it from Route 1, Iceland’s ring road, as you drive to and from Fjallsárlón lagoon. But trust us, you’ll want to get out of the car and take a closer look.

Ice formations are a common sight in Fjallsarlon glacial lagoon.

Ice lagoons in Iceland – Zodiac Boat Tours

Often you will see zodiac boat tours advertised and you might wonder what kind of boat a zodiac is. Zodiac is the name of the French manufacturer that made and still makes these inflatable boats under the name Zodiac. As zodiac boats have dominated the market in Iceland in the past, people often refer to any type of inflatable boat tours as a Zodiac boat tour. Other strong types of inflatable boats of exist like the DSB boats from Germany (Deutsche Schlauchboot).

Mirror smooth Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon with the sun in the blue sky, over the glacier mountains.

History and facts about Fjallsarlon

Fjallsárlón or Fjallsarlon is actually a very young natural phenomenon and does not have a long history in terms of being a lagoon. Here is a short history lesson on this area and facts about Fjallsarlon.

When Iceland settlement started in 874 it was said that the land was all grown with trees between the ocean and the mountains. The glaciers in Iceland were at the time also much smaller than they are today. During the first centuries after Iceland’s settlement there were 3 big farms in the area of Breiðamerkursandur the area where you now have Fjallsarlon and Jokulsarlon. Neither lagoon existed. But in the area was a big forest called Breiðamörk (Breidamork). It means broad forest.
The farm on the east side of this area was called Fell, on the west side the farm was called Fjall, and in the middle was the third farm with same name as the forest and called Breiðamörk.