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Ice Boat Tour, Glacier Hike & Super Jeep Ride

Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio, satisfied tourists.
Ice Boat Tour, Glacier Hike & Super Jeep Ride

When visiting Iceland, it is hard to choose what to do, which sights are worth your time and which tours and activities to book. Iceland has so much to offer, and we understand that your time here is valuable. We have listened to our guests’ comments and wishes and have developed a perfect tour that combines a boat tour, glacier hike and super jeep ride, The Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio! Do you want to save time in rushing from one tour operator to another and driving long distances to your next location for yet another check in? If the answer is yes, the Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio could be your perfect choice as we offer the whole package from Fjallsarlon base camp.

Discover Iceland’s Frozen Marvels: The Ultimate Fjallsárlón Adventure

Iceland is a treasure trove of natural wonders, and the Fjallsárlón Zodiac Boat, Glacier hike and Super Jeep Tour is a wild ride like no other. Picture this: cruising on a Zodiac boat through the magical Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon, hike on the ancient Fjallsjökull glacier, and make your return journey in a super jeep. This adventure is a jackpot of thrills and beauty, and guess what? No other company in Iceland offers this kind of a combination of tours.

Kicking Off at Fjallsárlón: A Gem Off the Beaten Path

Let’s start the fun at Fjallsárlón lagoon, a quiet tourist attraction in Vatnajökull National Park. It’s not as famous as Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, but that’s what makes it so special. We begin with an icy zodiac boat ride, getting up close and personal with icebergs that have calved from the mighty Fjallsjökull glacier, Öræfajökull towers over the lagoon

Tourists on boats. In the background, a glacier wall.

Boat Tour – Glacier hike – Fjallsarlon Glacier Adventure

Zodiac Boat Time, A Close-Up with Nature’s Ice Sculptures

Hop on a Zodiac boat, a small vessel that takes you on an exciting journey of the waters of the lagoon. Drift among floating icebergs, explore them and taste them, with guides spilling the beans on the geological secrets of Fjallsárlón. This isn’t just a boat ride, it’s a chance to learn cool stuff while surrounded by dazzling blues and whites. And yes, lots of Instagram-worthy moments!

Feel the brisk air as we get near gigantic ice formations. The Zodiac can sneak between the icebergs, giving you a front-row seat to nature’s art show. Each iceberg is like a frozen masterpiece, telling tales of time. It’s like being in a magical ice kingdom, a feast for your senses.

Overview on a cracked glacier.

Fjallsjökull glacier

On Foot, Glacier Hike Time

After the boat tour, get ready for a guided glacier walk on Fjallsjökull Glacier. Strap on crampons and take a walk on the wild side, literally. The ancient ice under your feet has stories to tell, and our guides spill the chilly beans.
Led by experienced guides, you’ll explore crevasses, ice formations, and the wonders of glacial landscapes. The ice’s marvelous texture, the crunchy sound of your steps, and the sheer vastness of the glacier, it’s an adrenaline kick with a side of respect for Mother Nature’s icy wonders.

Return in Style, Super Jeep Time

As the glacier walk wraps up, we crank up the excitement with a ride back in a super jeep. These off-road beasts are made for Iceland’s wild terrain. Enjoy the ride, take in the views, and pat yourself on the back for a day filled with crazy experiences. The super jeep isn’t just a ride, It’s comfy, it’s thrilling, and it’s the perfect way to end a day of contrasts and surprises in the Icelandic wilderness.

White jeep parked on a gravel parking with sun beams shining into the camera.

Fjallsarlon Super Jeep – Ultimate Glacier Adventure

A Tour Like No Other

The Fjallsárlón Zodiac Boat and Glacier Walk Tour is our way of saying, “Let’s make this trip unforgettable.” No other company is providing this mix of adventure, boat serenity, glacier strolls, and super jeep excitement. As well we are one of the few ones guiding there! Our groups are small (up to 10 people per guide). So, why wait? Join us for an adventure that ticks all the boxes. From the calm of a boat ride to the buzz of a glacier walk and the rush of a super jeep ride. This is Iceland’s icy enchantment in all its glory. Secure your spot now, and let’s make memories together!

Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio, guide peering into a crevice of the glacier.

Glacier hike – Fjallsarlon

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