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The Food Lover’s Guide to Höfn, Iceland: Best Eats and Treats

Höfn Harbour overview

When you travel, is food your thing? Getting to know an area’s cuisine and trying out its restaurants and cafés can be a great way of finding out about the cultural heritage of a place. But even more than that it’s a chance to enjoy delicious food in new surroundings. If you haven’t eaten at Frost Restaurant while you’ve been visiting Fjallsárlón, you might be feeling peckish by the time you reach Höfn. Or perhaps it’s your next overnight stop. Either way, here’s our food lover’s guide to Höfn in Iceland, including where to track down the best eats and treats.

Pakkhus lobster Hofn Restaurant

What food is Höfn best known for?

Höfn is a fishing town and has a working harbour – in fact, that’s what the word Höfn means. If you love seafood you’ve come to the right place! The port has something of a reputation for one particular kind of shellfish and it’s often referred to as the lobster capital of Iceland. What’s fished is a species called Nephrops norvegicus.

The name – leturhumar in Icelandic – translates as Norway lobster, but it’s also referred to as langoustine. The waters around Iceland provide the ideal conditions for it to thrive, which helps to explain why it’s so popular here. Höfn celebrates this shellfish with its own festival, Humarhátíð, held annually each June. As well as the chance to try Icelandic lobster, there’s also plenty going on, including live music.

Which restaurants should you try while you’re in town?

For a small village, Höfn punches well above its weight, largely thanks to the buoyant fishing industry and a steady stream of summer visitors. It’s possible to take a food-themed tour of the town and learn a bit more about the culture and heritage of the place. Alternatively, you can choose from a number of excellent restaurants, each with their own character and style.

Pakkhús restaurant

Another storied choice is Pakkhús, housed in an old warehouse that dates back to 1932. (See overview photo above) Thanks to its former use, you’ll see old stamps on the walls which were used when fish were exported. The building once housed a maritime museum but has been a restaurant for more than a decade. Following seafood on the dinner menu are delicious desserts with an Icelandic twist such as liquorice crème brûlée and skyr mousse.

Pakkhus Hofn Restaurant overview
Kaffi Hornið Höfn í Hornafirði

Kaffi Hornið

This rustic place, opened in 1999, has bags of charm. Like all great eateries, its menu capitalises on the best local produce, so langoustine features prominently. It’s even used as a pizza topping! Fresh fish is another favourite, but you’ll also see lamb and beef – reared on local farms – as the star ingredient of other dishes. You can order a reindeer burger here too.

Otto Matur & Drykkur restaurant

The building that houses this excellent restaurant dates from 1897 and was the home of successful merchant Otto Tulinius, who was the first person to live in Höfn. Today, the restaurant’s cosy, homely Nordic ambience is the perfect complement to the food, which is creative and flavourful, the result of the passion shown by chef Andrés Bragason and his wife Auður Mikaelsdóttir. It’s worth the wait for a table to be able to say you ate here.

Otto Matur og drykkur Hofn i Hornafirdi
Íshúsið lobster pizza Hofn i Hornafirdi

Ishúsið Pizzeria

The name of this restaurant means “ice house” as this was the place that glacier ice from nearby Hoffelslón was stored and used to pack fish piled up at the harbour. It’s a family-run affair, owned and run by two brothers Stefán Þór and Atli Arnarson. They wanted to sell stone-baked pizzas and these thin crusts topped with a wide range of toppings (including langoustines, obviously) that really hit the mark.

Hafnarbúðin restaurant

Refurbished in 2024, this popular place is conveniently located in downtown Höfn. It offers a wide range of affordable and tasty burgers as well as hot dogs, fish and chips, wraps, sandwiches and more. It’s a great choice for breakfast, with healthy options like whipped skyr with fresh fruit balancing out heartier dishes such as fry-ups and American-style pancakes.

Hafnarbudin restaurant Hofn i Hornafirdi



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