Who are we?

About Us

Fjallsárlón was founded and is run by two friends who met in University. One of the owners grew up on a farm close to Fjallsárlón and spent his childhood in herding sheep from the mountains around Fjallsárlón. So when the farm boy introduced the city boy to Fjallsárlón there was no turning back. With a good friendship and love of nature around Fjallsárlón as a weapon, they decided to start offering boat tours on the lagoon, but this had never been done on Fjallsárlón before.

It did not take a long time from starting the tours until they could no longer meet demand, so they had to hire staff. Since then their friendship has resulted in an ambitious tourism business with professional staff in each position.

The team consists of a diverse group of people with different backgrounds. What unites the group is love; of the outdoors, for Icelandic nature and the peacefulness within the countryside. They love it strong that they choose to live in an area during working season called ‘’wasteland” known to be isolated and far from urban areas. Living and working together in an isolated area, therefore, makes the team more of a family than co-workers. As all other families, the Fjallsárlón family loves nothing more than to get visitors. The team aims to make each visit a unique experience with professionalism as a guiding light.

Our guides know the area inside out; both the dramatic changes that have taken place in the landscape over the years as well as the history of the local population. Our bistro team is passionate about creating good food. They love to chat with guests and give helpful tips about the area.

Our mission is to be a leading company in navigating boat tours on glacial lagoons.

Our vision is to provide quality service with great respect for the local environment and nature.

  • Have ambition in all aspects of the service.
  • To have high respect for the environment and people.
  • Have fun.
Fun Facts!
Fact #1

Fjallsárlón translates to English as ``Mountain river lagoon``.

Fact #2

If you don’t like the weather, please just wait a minute!

Fact #3

The Vatnajökull glacier covers 8% of the island of Iceland.

Steinþór Arnarson, Owner

Steinþór is from Hof in Öræfi. He has hiked the district’s rugged mountains and herded sheep since childhood. He’s also very fond of the Icelandic horse and has been involved with breeding for many years. Steinþór is a lawyer but the office simply doesn’t compare well with Fjallsárlón!

Kári Ólafsson, Owner

Kári is a police officer and a lawyer but during the summer he likes to sail his boat and enjoy the unique natural beauty at Fjallsárlón! Kári is an active guy who likes sports of all kinds. When he’s not on the water you might see him playing football, running, cycling, lifting weights or chasing bad guys!