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Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour

Mirror smooth Fjallsarlón glacial lagoon, with floating icebergs and one blue iceberg in distance and Fjallsjökull glacier in background between two mountains.

In Iceland a glacier lagoon boat tour is an absolute must do experience. Boat tours can be booked in Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon and in Fjallsárlón iceberg lagoon. The main reason many people visit Iceland is because a glacier lagoon boat tour is on their bucket list and therefore choose Iceland as their destination.

Glacier lagoons are somewhat like out of a dream or another world. A valid reason to travel to Iceland is to experience something completely new and sailing on a boat next to icebergs will guarantee that wonderful feeling. There are not many places on earth that offer glacier lagoon boat tours in unspoiled nature.

Iceland´s Glacier Lagoons – Age and Reputation

Iceland’s glacier lagoons are relatively young, a testament to the ongoing creative forces of mother nature. There were no glacier lagoons in Iceland if we look back to only 100 years ago. Then glaciers started to melt, and glacier lagoons started to form. Jökulsárlón is the oldest then Breiðárlón, Fjallsárlón and Heinabergslón lagoons started to form. Additionally smaller glacier lagoons remain unnamed due to their limited size.

The glacier lagoon became one of Iceland´s trademarks resulting in increasing popularity of boat tour’s, each year more and more tourists join tours, and that is still very much the case today. We can agree that everybody needs to do a glacier lagoon boat tour at least once in their lifetime. The view is never the same as icebergs form when they calve from the glacier wall and then melt or disappear down rivers into the Atlantic ocean, so no visit is the same.

Inflatable boat on Fjallsarlón glacial lagoon with group of people, close by a big white iceberg.

Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours at Fjallsarlon

Icelanders Book the Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour

When tour operators started offering boat tours on the glacier lagoons Icelanders jumped on board and these tours became popular with locals. Later when unreal pictures started to spread around the world of this natural phenomenon tourists started to enjoy these extraordinary activity tours too.

Today you can book a Glacier Lagoon Boat Tour on Fjallsárlón and on Jökulsárlón. Although Jokulsarlon and Fjallsarlon are both glacier lagoons the view and nature surrounding them is very different, both are natural jewels that leave no one untouched. Coming to Iceland and skipping a glacier lagoon boat tour is like visiting Rome and not exploring the Colosseum or the Vatican with a guide. Even for the locals the glacier lagoon boat tour has proven to be a remarkable experience. Many Icelanders had often seen Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon from shore in the past, but few had done a tour on the lagoon. Fjallsarlon Iceberg boat tours was founded in 2013 so from then on Icelanders have enjoyed this new addition to tour choices in South Iceland. Memories of previous tours at Jökulsárlón stayed with them and they were ready to happily experience boat tours on Fjallsarlon.

During travel restrictions when Covid hit in 2020 Icelanders stayed and traveled within Iceland. More locals than ever flocked to do a glacier lagoon boat tour and Fjallsárlón gained more popularity than ever. Sailing among icebergs in breathtaking nature up to a glacier wall with a knowledgeable guide has proven to be a popular tour choice.

Inflatable boat sailing on Fjallsarlón glacial lagoon with one blue iceberg floating behind in background.

Glacier Lagoon Boat Tours at Fjallsarlon – Blue Ice

How To Plan Your Visit

The glacier lagoons are in Southeast Iceland. From Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland the drive takes about 5 hours with a short stop on the way to reach glacier lagoon boat tours. Fjallsárlón and Jökulsárlón are within 10 minutes’ driving distance from each other and the same goes for Diamond beach. Most travelers take the time to stop at Diamond beach famed for black sand and glistening icebergs that are spread out along the beach. The number of icebergs on Diamond Beach varies, sometimes there is a lot and sometimes not. The south coast of Iceland offers self-drive visitors many opportunities to stop along the way to explore waterfalls and interesting landscapes, black sands beaches and impressive mountains. Therefore, you should allow time to visit some of these natural treasures along the way, it creates a great build up for your glacier lagoon boat tour.

At Fjallsárlón, we offer a warm welcome and excellent facilities, where you can prepare for an iceberg boat tour and/or enjoy a lunch or coffee at our Frost restaurant. Restaurants in southeast Iceland are few so use the opportunity to recharge before continuing your travels.

A glacier lagoon boat tour is among the absolute must-do activity tour during your visit to Iceland, particularly if you have only plan to visit Iceland once. There are so many tours and tour operators offering all sorts of tours in Iceland, we hope that this article has helped you making the correct tour choice for you. We can surely say that no one is left untouched by nature’s beauty when visiting any of the glacier lagoons.

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