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Boat tours in Southeast Iceland

inflatable boats sailing on a glacial lagoon close up to the glacier wall.

Iceland is often referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice but no visit to the country would be complete without water. There are some great boat tours that you can book to get out on some of the most scenic lakes, lagoons, rivers and coastal waterways. You’ll often be treated to the bonus of some wildlife sightings too such as seals or birdlife. If you are looking for a hidden gem you should visit Fjallsárlón lagoon during your next trip. Here are some of the boat tours South Iceland can offer.

inflatable boat sailing on glacial lagoon, close up to the glacier wall and looking is looking small.

Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon – Private Tour

Water has calming properties

Before we take a look at the options for boat tours in South Iceland, consider for a moment how busy most people’s everyday lives are, how busy your own life is? There are so many demands on our time. Work commitments, the needs of children or elderly dependents, looking after pets and even socialising with friends and family at the end of a long and tiring day can all take their toll. If you look at it like that, surrounding yourself in nature in a quiet place might just be the ultimate luxury. At Fjallsarlon we offer quality tours away from the crowds.

Fjallsárlón’s Classic Boat Tour & Privat Boat Tour

The Classic boat tour is the ideal excursion if you don’t have a lot of time but you’re excited to experience one of Iceland’s most pristine lagoons at close quarters. First, you’ll need to don waterproof floating jackets that will ensure you stay toasty warm while you’re out on the water. As Vatnajokull glacier is relatively close, you’ll feel the chill more than you would elsewhere, so this is a must for your comfort and enjoyment.

The group boards a small Zodiac boat which is the ideal vessel for weaving in and out of the icebergs that litter the lagoon. If you’re lucky, you might get to see one of the icebergs flip over. Most of the iceberg is hidden from sight beneath the water’s surface. In fact, what you see can represent as little as 10% of its total volume. As the lagoon water melts the ice, it eventually tips the balance, forcing the lump of ice to rotate.

As we pootle towards the snout of the glacier, you’ll be offered the chance to taste some of the ancient glacier ice. The wall of ice that greets us as we draw near the glacier is an impressive sight too, and even in this age of global warming a reminder that such landforms in countries like Iceland are still a magnificent sight. Of course, guest safety is paramount and we’ll only get you as near as safety will permit.

As we cut the engine, savour the tranquility of the moment. After the gasps of wonder have fallen silent, you and your fellow passengers can drink in the scene. We also offer a Private Boat Tour option should you wish to make this a more exclusive ride. The guide can tailor make the tour to fit your own interests, such as focus on photography spots, should you wish to capture the moments on camera.

White bubble like tent with windows in front of a glacial lagoon and  glacier wall.

Luxury Tour – Fjallsarlon Glacier lagoon wall

Fjallsárlón’s Luxury Tour & Overnight Adventure

If you book our Luxury Tour option, your boat will take you to a secret island, close to the glacier wall. You’ll still have that striking view of Vatnajökull glacier and its iceberg-strewn lagoon, but you’ll soak up the scene as you sip champagne whilst being treated to a light picnic. The island is exclusively yours during your stay, so it is the perfect venue for a special occasion or, if you want to choose a romantic spot for some quality time with your special someone.

With more time, there’s an activity we offer that we believe is even more extraordinary and nowhere else to be found in the world. In this instance, money really can buy peace and quiet, the chance to switch off from all the distractions and indulge in a bit of “me time”. Now imagine that you can achieve that amid one of the most magical landscapes on the planet, a place which is both pristine and secluded.

Floating igloo hut with stunning views of the glacier in the background.

Overnight Adventure AuoraHut – Fjallsarlon lagoon

For guests booking our Overnight Adventure, we’ve installed the AuroraHut on the lagoon. In spring, summer and fall the AuroraHut floats on the lake offering magnificent view from within the hut or out on the attached decking. The igloo-like hut’s glass walls and ceiling ensure you’ll have an unobstructed view of Fjallsárlón glacier lagoon, the icebergs that float on its surface and of course the magnificent Vatnajökull glacier.

In summer, the long hours of daylight enable you to enjoy this view almost all night, while in spring and autumn, if the skies are clear, it will be the ideal place for stargazing and perhaps even the chance to spot the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights. If you can bear to close your eyes, the hut’s double bed will ensure a good night’s sleep, as there are curtains you can draw for solitude. Meanwhile additional touches like heating, electricity, Wi-Fi, a small kitchenette and a composting toilet will add to your comfort.

Inflatable boat in front of few bright blue icebergs.

Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon blue ice boat tour

Fjallsárlón’s Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio

Guests that are looking to get a mix of adventure in South Iceland, the Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio is the perfect fit. How does an iceberg boat tour, glacier hike and super jeep ride all in one package sound? Conveniently guest will save time rushing between places as the tour starts at Fjallsarlon basecamp and ends at the same place. There is therefore no need to rush between places and tour operators to find the next activity as you have everything in one place.

Ultimate Glacier Adventure starts with an iceberg boat ride on Fjallsarlon glacier lagoon. Admire at the majesty of Vatnajokull, Europe’s largest glacier before disembarking near the glacier.

Following the boat excursion, your adventure continues with a glacier hike at the secluded Fjallsjokull glacier. While exploring the glacier, you may encounter crevasses, tunnels, small caves, as well streams that create sinkholes called “moulins,” along with other captivating ice formations.

After the hike, hop aboard a super jeep for an exciting 15–20-minute return drive, offering a unique perspective of the area, adding an extra dash of thrill to your journey.

Whichever one you choose, we’re confident that these boat tours in South Iceland will give you treasured memories. All you have to do is decide is which one to book.

Person standing on Fjallsjokull with a view to Fjallsarlon and Breidarmerkurjokull glacier in far background.

Glacier hike – Fjallsarlon Glacier Adventure

Do you have a special request, or do you want a custom-made tour?
That is not problem, at Fjallsarlon we can tailor make your adventure!
Get in touch and we will make it happen.

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