Breidamerkurjökull glacier with snowy mountains in the background.

Everything you need to know about Vatnajökull glacier

Iceland couldn’t have been better named: it is a land where you’ll often see ice, even if you visit in summer. An estimated 11% of the country is covered in the white stuff, so it’s hard to miss, especially if you’re travelling through the south of the country. That’s where you’ll find Vatnajökull glacier, the subject of this article. You’ll get a great view of it from Route 1, Iceland’s ring road, as you drive to and from Fjallsárlón lagoon. But trust us, you’ll want to get out of the car and take a closer look.

Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio, satisfied tourists.

Ice Boat Tour, Glacier Hike & Super Jeep Ride

When visiting Iceland, it is hard to choose what to do, which sights are worth your time and which tours and activities to book. Iceland has so much to offer, and we understand that your time here is valuable. We have listened to our guests’ comments and wishes and have developed a perfect tour that combines a boat tour, glacier hike and super jeep ride, The Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio! Do you want to save time in rushing from one tour operator to another and driving long distances to your next location for yet another check in? If the answer is yes, the Ultimate Glacier Adventure Trio could be your perfect choice as we offer the whole package from Fjallsarlon base camp.

Winter picture with aurora and both shiny moon and venus in the sky.

Chasing Northern Lights in Iceland

Aurora borealis is one of the most incredible natural phenomena in the world. Many people visiting Iceland between early September and mid-April have high hopes to see the northern lights during their stay. For us the people living in the Northern Hemisphere, it is quite normal to see the sky covered with different colors of dancing northern lights but believe me – it always amazes us as much as when we saw them for the first time!

inflatable boats sailing on a glacial lagoon close up to the glacier wall.

Boat tours in Southeast Iceland

Iceland is often referred to as the Land of Fire and Ice but no visit to the country would be complete without water. There are some great boat tours that you can book to get out on some of the most scenic lakes, lagoons, rivers and coastal waterways. You’ll often be treated to the bonus of some wildlife sightings too such as seals or birdlife. If you are looking for a hidden gem you should visit Fjallsárlón lagoon during your next trip. Here are some of the boat tours South Iceland can offer.

Man standing inside a blue ice cave.

Guide to Natural Ice Caves in Iceland

Nothing that people can build, not even if they are the world’s greatest architects, comes close to the majestic beauty of nature. That’s especially true of Iceland’s breathtaking ice caves. A guided tour to one of these extraordinary subterranean caverns is guaranteed to leave you wide-eyed and open-mouthed. But before you book your Fjallsárlón excursion to visit a natural ice cave in Iceland, it’s a good idea to read this guide as we explain what they are, how they’re formed and where you can find them.